The journey so far…

Joseph BoaduMany years ago a group of us stepped out in faith to obey the leading of the Holy Spirit. Mixed with fears and excitement we embarked on an adventure into the unknown, certain of one thing – the will of the Lord to leave where we were and become a fellowship of believers. Lead by young and in experienced leaders, 21 years later that community has spread into several locations within the UK and into the nations of India, Sierra Leone, Kenya and Ghana.

When the annals of CLF are read by future generations, those formative years will be seen as foundational in our history. Although some may describe our growth as minimal when compared to what we will eventually become, it has been steady and sure.

The road has not always been easy! It has had its fair share of challenges, pain and sorrows. However, through it all, we have learned to trust in Jesus. The last 21 years has been a commitment to follow Jesus and fulfil His mandate on our lives. This pursuit has seen many of our members grow from teenagers coming to faith, to mature and responsible adults who are now pillars within the faith. It has been characterised by our fellowship embarking on missionary endeavours, initiating projects, birthing ministries, planting Churches and ordaining ministers to the glory of God. It has also been a time of discovering who we are, and what we are called to do. As we face the years ahead, we must continue that same focus of following the Lord Jesus Christ, knowing Him, and fulfilling His Great Commission to make disciples of all nations. The last 21 years may have been foundational, but the next 21 years will be a revelation for us at CLF.

My thanks and appreciation goes to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, for His blessings and protection on us. Without Him we are nothing and our pursuits meaningless. It is because of Him that CLF exists, and it is through Him that our vision is fulfilled!

I also want to congratulate and thank all the members, leaders and ministers of CLF. In my opinion, your commitment and faithfulness to the Lord and His Church is second to none. It has been a privilege for me to serve alongside you on this long road.

Our journey has just begun…

Joseph Boadu