We express our love for God and worship Him through the musical gifts and talents He has given us.



Youth ministry, Youth Totally Devoted, is dedicated to raising Christ centred, confident, uncompromising, radical generations of young men and women whose relationship with God is solidly grounded in Him.



Our mission is to reach out to all men in our communities and help train and develop them – i.e. empower them to be Christ-centred and purpose driven.



Women’s Ministry, Women of Honor, aims to encourage and equip each woman, to become more God-directed and productive in their various roles and responsibilities in family, church and secular life.



Children’s ministry is designed to create an environment where every child is nurtured and encouraged to develop and establish a life long personal relationship with the Lord during the foundational years of their lives.


Marriage Ministry
‘Our Marriage Enrichment Ministry is committed to promoting Christ centred values in marriage and equipping married couples in their relationship with each other.



Singles Ministry
Singles Ministry, Purpose!, is an initiative of Christian Life Ministries committed to promoting Christ centred values for single men and women and empowering them to fulfil their God ordained purpose.