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da Vision exists to impact the community by refocusing the aspirations, re-channeling the energies and redirecting the activities of young people  in a positive way. It aims to equip and empower individuals and groups wanting to see a positive change in young people’s lives.

da Vision runs projects that aim for a reduction in anti-social behavior, give a greater positive involvement by young people in their local communities, and provide opportunities for the development and nurturing of young talent. da Vision aims to provide a safe environment for young people to be empowered, network, or simply chill-out.

da Vision reaches out to disadvantaged young people in south London through activities such as workshops, school-based events, community performances and mentoring. It was established in 2003 by a group of volunteers from a variety of backgrounds sharing a common interest in raising up the next generation of leaders. da Vision is developing brands that give a voice to young people.

Influencing Minds

Influencing MindsInfluencing Minds

Influencing Minds uses a variety of performers, workshops and activities to challenge negative images and stereotypes of young people portrayed in the media,encouraging a positive lifestyle away from violence and engaging them in discussionsabout their attitudes towards knives, guns and gangs.

The Inclusion Project


Inclusion ProjectInclusion Project

da Vision’s Inclusion Project aims to work with young people who are at risk of, or have been excluded from, mainstream education and wider society. It will also work with their parents/carers, schools and other organisations involved in their upbringing.



da Vision Music


da Vision Musicda Vision Music

da Vision Music is a record label aiming to give a voice to up and coming artists with positive messages. da Vision Music provides a supportive environment for young peoplewishing to present alternatives to the often negative messages seen and heard in the mainstream media.

If you are interested in getting involved in da Vision, or require more information, call 020 8858 6482, email admin@clfi.org, or visit www.provision.org.uk